Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nashville Home Inspections: What's Wrong With This Picture? 1/4/10

HINT: Well, I suppose I could make a pool out of it??

ANSWER: The Cone of Compression is the area from the base of a foundation extending out and down at a 45 degree angle. The Cone of Compression is not suppose to be disturbed once it is established. Otherwise the Cone can become unstable and start to move. In this picture the foundation for the piers running through the middle of the crawl space of this home has been significantly disturbed. We're not sure why or how this happened to such a significant degree, but you can see where the black plastic moisture barrier has been carried down the hill and into the sink hole. On site the plastic was also starting to be buried under more runoff. If something isn't done soon to stabilize the piers they too will start to slide down into the hole. Then the entire floor house will start to collapse.



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