Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nashville Home Inspection - Attic Stairs - What's Wrong With This Picture? 4/16/10

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Now onto the blog! What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT: I am taking the picture from inside the attic looking down at the attic stairs coming up into the attic. The attic furnace is behind me.

Answer: Now imagine you are the HVAC tech coming to work on the furnace or a homeowner carrying personal items into the attic for storage. How do you get to the furnace or landing area, shown in the foreground, without crossing over or near the attic entry opening? Precariously at best. And if you are carrying anything like tools or a box of Christmas decorations, all the more dangerous. The stairs are installed backwards. They should have been installed so that the top of the staircase terminates at the flooring in the foreground of the pic. And guess what. It's a brand new home!

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