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Continuing Education Course for REALTORS in Tennessee!

Continuing Education Course for REALTORS in TN!!

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is pleased to announce that our Continuing Education Course for REALTORS licensed in TN has been approved again by TREC for 2011-2012!! This 6 hour course is taught by Richard Acree, President of HABITEC shown in the pic below, and is available at very affordable rates. Additional information about this course is available on our website at http://habitecinspections.com/EducationMaterial.aspx .

HABITEC offers this course in Home Inspection topics pertinent to REALTORS. Please see the list below. The classes are offered as a power point presentation with hundreds of fascinating pictures and interesting perspective offered by Richard. These classes also give REALTORS a chance to interact with a certified and licensed Home Inspector, ask questions and discuss in general and in detail the issues that come up during a Home Inspection.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this course is to explain the rules of the State of Tennessee, Department of Commerce and Insurance, for Home Inspection procedures, methods and requirements. The classes will help REALTORS understand what the Home Inspector should be looking at and what the Home Inspector should be looking for. Terminology, methods of inspection, tools and limitations of the Home Inspection processes will be included. The end result of this course will be to help REALTORS understand the State of Tennessee rules and requirements for Home Inspections and better prepare the REALTOR to discuss the Home Inspection Report with their Client. The Client will then be able to understand the report and make a better decision regarding the real estate transaction.


Introduction, Sign-In and Overview - 30 minutes - 0 Credits - This time is spent introducing the Instructor, signing in for class, collecting fees, going through an overview of the following classes and schedule, and discussing general requirements of Home Inspections. This class is best suited for realtors new to the business although experienced realtors may also find this session informative.


Exterior Surface and Components - 50 minutes - 1 credit - The purpose of this session is to review exterior components of the house to include exterior shell material, windows, doors, drainage, landscape material, driveways, walkways, patios, decks, steps, stoops, porches, electrical connection, and plumbing devices.


Interior Spaces and Components - 50 minutes - 1 credit - The purpose is to review interior topics common to all interior spaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows and to discuss topics particular to kitchens, bathroom and laundry rooms such as appliances, sinks, showers, toilets, GFCI electrical, drains and ventilation.


Plumbing Systems and Components - 50 minutes - 1 credit - The purpose of this session is to review plumbing issues including supply piping, drain/waste/vent system, leak identification, pipe support, faucets and fixtures, plumbing fixtures and hot water heaters. Issues pertaining specifically to kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are discussed.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning - 50 minutes - 1 credit - The purpose of this session is to review the systems used for heating, venting and air conditioning the structure. Session discusses furnaces, air conditioning systems and fireplaces.


Structure and Foundation; Roof and Attic - 50 minutes - 1 credit - The purpose of this session is to discuss how the building structure is constructed looking at the building from the foundation up, into the attic and on the roof. Items covered include materials used, construction methods and installation, ventilation, insulation, water management, the exterior roof coverings and the inside of the attic spaces with special attention as to how the attic components make up the roof and attic ventilation.


Electrical Systems - 50 minutes - 1 credit - Purpose of the session is to discuss electrical components including panels, conductors, circuit breakers, outlets, switches, lights, and the grounding electrode system.


LOCATION: Classes will be conducted either at a facility of choice provided by a group of realtors or at a location provided by HABITEC. Class locations must be consistent with rules established by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC). According to TREC, "No course in real estate which is designed to satisfy educational requirements ... may be conducted in a facility which is also used for conducting business of a [real estate] broker or a brokerage firm". All classes will be open to any REALTOR licensed in the State of Tennessee. Permission to attend any class will be granted on a first come, first served basis and may be restricted by the number of seats available. REALTORS with reservations will be guaranteed a seat. Walkups will be granted access if seats are still available.

FEES: Attendance for all credited courses is charged at one low sum. Special Group Rates are available! Please call 615-376-2753 for details and reservations!

REFERENCES: The following REALTORS have attended the Class and have graciously offered to use their name as references for the course.

Susan Diebolt, 497-4344, susan@thedieboltgroup.com, Bill Edwards, 516-4736, EdwardsW@crye-leike.com Donna Goff, 293-8734, dgoff@realtracs.com, Danielle Hagar, 429-7333, danielle.hagar@crye-leike.com, Sherita Hill, 397-3871, sherita.hill@crye-leike.com, Carol Horan, 370-1303, carolhoran@comcast.net, Annette Hutchinson, annette.hutchinson@crye-leike.com, Billie Lewis, 373-2044, lewisb@crye-leike.com , Tina Perry, 417-9982, tinaperry@realtracs.com Martha Sloan, 330-1771, sloanm@crye-leike.com, Debra Snodgrass, 583-5050, snodgrass@realtracs.com Mykalynne Taylor, 419-9130, tnhousehunter@gmail.com, Jon Young, 403-8254, jon@thinkyoungrealtors.com

Thank you,

Richard Acree

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC


Richard Acree is the author of the HABITEC Home and Building Inspections blog at ActiveRain, WordPress and Blogger and founder of the ActiveRain Group Tennessee Home and Building Inspectors. All are welcome to join and see more blogs like this one. You can also follow HABITEC on Facebook or Linked. Thank you!

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