Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nashville Building Inspections - Parking Lot Issues - 9.1.10

Nashville Building Inspections - Parking Lot Issues

Commercial building inspections completed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, sometimes involve parking lots. Look at the pic below of a parking stall at an apartment complex. What's wrong?

HINT: Think about pedestrians?

ANSWER: Where will the car stop based on the barrier? Right at the end of the sidewalk for the pedestrians. Look at the photo below to see how that turns out (same lot, different location). And that car could have pulled forward another 2 feet.

What is unfortunate is that sometimes the obvious is not enforced. In this apartment complex, the pedestrians were left to fend for themselves. The barriers need to be repositioned and fastened to the pavement to prevent inadvertent movement and allow pedestrians unimpeded access to the parking lot. Think about young children and elderly trying to maneuver around this car out to the lot. This car makes that difficult for those people. At least in these cases there are still markings on the pavement as to where the barriers were originally placed. Shouldn't be too hard to make this right. Now look at the pic below for another situation.

In this case, a barrier is needed but was never installed. That green box in the grass is an electrical component. Look at the car on the left. If that car was parked in the space in front of the box, it would probably have hit it. That could be interesting! In this case a new barrier needs to be installed.

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