Friday, September 3, 2010

Nashville Home Inspection - Mold and the Empty House

Lately the issue of mold and the empty house has come to the forefront in Nashville area home inspections. Unfortunately because there are obviously a lot of empty houses on the market.

The problems come when the owner, an individual who has moved already, or a bank, thinks it is a good idea to turn the HVAC off to save money on utilities. WRONG! The reason is humidity. Especially in the warmer summer months. Remember a primary component of the air conditioning process is to dehumidify the air, versus cooling the air. If you turn the A/C OFF during the warm months, humidity in the building will skyrocket. Guess what comes next. MOLD. Lots of it! At HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, we have seen this a lot this summer. Plus, no one is around to realize what is going on.

So what you should do? If you own or represent the seller of an empty house, make sure they leave the A/C turned ON to some reasonable level. At least no higher than 80 degrees when using the A/C. We want to avoid what you can see in the pic below!

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Richard Acree

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