Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nashville Home Inspections - Orange Plumbing Pipe - What is That For?

Nashville Home Inspection - Orange plumbing pipe, what is that for?

So you are walking around the new house you bought and you see a panel on the wall in the garage. You look inside and you see the orange plumbing pipe in the picture below. What is that? I thought most plastic plumbing pipe was white. Like PVC.

HINT: Orange is one of the colors in a flame.

ANSWER: So this orange plumbing pipe is used for a fire suppression sprinkler system. It should not be accessed by a plumber for any part of the supply system to the potable water for the house. And the sprinkler heads could look like the white dot in the picture below, mounted on the ceiling throughout the house. These are "pop-down" devices designed to descend into the area below to allow water to be distributed down.

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