Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nashville Home Inspector - Settlement Issues - 9.15.10

Settlement Issues.

Settlement around the outside of a home can show up in many different ways when a HABITEC Home Inspector is conducting a Home Inspection in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. Look at the picture below. Can you see an indication of settlement at this front porch?

HINT: Despite all the hype lately about the "green movement", going green is not always a good thing when talking about a home.

In the view above look across the front brick steps at the color changes. Now look below at the closeup of the left corner of the entryway. Hmmm. Now something is suspicious. Why is the brick so green?

ANSWER: So what we have here is an area where water pools due to the negative slope in front of the house. Negative slope is when the grade, and hence rainwater, runs towards the house. Due to the way this sidewalk has settled and the water that is trapped in this corner when it rains, a green fungal growth has started to grow. In fact the fungal growth has started to grow up the side of the house. Not good. The fix here is to repair the slope of the walkway and grade in front of the house so that the grade slopes away from the house at least 6" over the first 10'. Otherwise, this condition is only going to get worse.

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