Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nashville Mold Inspection - Window Mold - 9.7.10

Nashville Mold Inspection - Window Mold

Tennessee Mold Assessments completed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, involve at first a mold survey (ie. inspection) looking for red flags that provide an indication of mold in the building. One of the red flags is what we call mold-like material. Foreign material that looks suspiciously like mold. Another red flag is moisture found where it is not suppose to be. Look at the pic below. Do you see any red flags?

HINT: For mold to grow it needs moisture, food and a surface to grow on.

ANSWER: Yes, there are red flags for mold growth. In the pic above you are looking down at the interior side of a plate glass exterior window. Look at the close up of the area in the pic below.

You should be able to see moisture (from condensation), food (dust) and a surface to grow on (metal window frame, drywall and caulk). And voila, we have mold growth. In fact lab analysis proved this mold growth to be yeast and cladosporium. Not the more famous species of mold but fairly common in this scenario. This mold should be remediated (removed).

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