Monday, September 6, 2010

Tennessee Mold Inspections - What's That Black Stuff on the Garage Wall? 9.6.10

Tennessee Mold Assessments - Mold-Like Material?

Tennessee Mold Assessments completed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, involve at first a mold survey (ie. inspection) looking for red flags that provide an indication of mold in the building. One of the red flags is what we call mold-like material. Foreign material that looks suspiciously like mold. Look at the pic below. Do you see any mold-like material that would qualify as a red flag?

HINT: Black stuff on drywall is mold-like material?

ANSWER: Yes, this is a red flag for mold-like material. In fact if you look around the picture you will see several areas of black mold-like material on this wall. Why is that? Look what the wall is used for. This is a drywall wall in the garage used to hang/store tools, like mops and such. Most of these tools have dirt on them. Some of these tools, like mops, are wet. Mold loves drywall, moisture and dirt. AHA! We have a match. We can call this Mop Mold. Wet dirty tools allowed to remain in contact with drywall is like an incubator for mold. Don't do that. Make sure your tools hang in such a way as to keep the wet part away from the wall. If you don't, get ready for some mold remediation.

(NOTE: Why do we call highly suspicious black material mold-like? At HABITEC, as trained and certified mold assessment technicians, we know that the only true way to confirm if a foreign material is mold is to have a trained mold assessment lab tech look at the material under a microscope. Trying to decide if a mold-like material is truly mold based on your senses of smell or site can be a mistake.)

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