Sunday, October 17, 2010

Electrical Panel Issues - 10-17-10

Nashville Home Inspections - Electrical Panel Issues

Bugs in the electrical panel, what harm can that be? Well, look at the picture below. Any harm there? How did this happen?

HINT: Bugs, like water, need a hole to get inside the panel.

ANSWER: Electrical panels have concentric circles called knockouts. They are used for entry/exit of conductors (wires). An electrician can literally knock them out to allow conductors to pass through, a great little feature of all electrical panels. But, if they are knocked out and then not used, a hole will remain. Holes in the electrical panels can allow all kinds of bad things to get into the panel. Things like water, insects, little fingers, or little fingers holding metal things like Daddy's screwdriver. All bad things to pass through an open knockout and into the panel where live electricity is located. In the pic above we see the effect of water and insects entering the panel through open knockouts on the top and bottom of the panel. A lot of damage has been done and this panel needs to be replaced.

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